Earthship Overland is your Colorado Official Authorized Dealer of AYRO Low-Speed Electric Vehicles.

AYRO designs and produces automotive grade, low-speed electric vehicles (LSEVs) that are highly modular, STREET LEGAL (license plated) and Built-in-America with materials sourced in North America and Europe.

The AYRO Vanish is built to meet the needs between a full-size truck and golf cart or UTV and designed to travel through double door facilities all while providing the payload capacity of a ½-ton truck.

The AYRO Vanish can be customized to perform a variety of tasks. From simple transportation setup to permanently mounted machinery to branded last-mile delivery systems or concessions service, the different ways the AYRO Vanish utility LSEV can be modified are limited only by the imaginations of their users.

AYRO Vanish

Applications for the AYRO Vanish low-speed electric utility vehicle includes, commercial and industrial facilities, grounds maintenance, medical, hotels & resorts, food & merchandise distribution, educational campus transportation, urban delivery opportunities for short and medium-distance distribution, retirement communities, governmental agencies or non-profits with security and transportation requirements, while offering a green solution that supports sustainability initiatives, the AYRO LSEVs offer the perfect fleet option.

On a full charge with 110-volt, level one charger (also level 2 capable), the AYRO Vanish LSEV has up to a 50-mile range and has incorporated National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards into the AYRO street legal built LSEV’s. On the LSEV models, Earthship Overland will provide title work for your local Department of Motor Vehicles and temporary license plate for legal operation on public roads, where the posted speed limit is 35 MPH or less.

Truck Bed

Vanish Truck Bed


Vanish Flatbed

Van Box

Vanish Van Box