Egoé Nestbox

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Egoé Nestbox, a forward-thinking company based in the Czech Republic, that manufactures exciting and innovative vehicle camper solutions.

Egoé Nest are producers of the Nestbox camper car assembly. Their goal is to make car camping accessible and comfortable for car owners ranging from vans to MPVs.

The Nestbox is the perfect alternative to permanent vehicle modifications, or if you’re just not interested in, or ready for a trailer camper. The Nestbox allows you to convert your daily driver quickly and conveniently into a weekend camper or overlanding adventure vehicle.

When not in use, simply remove and store your Nestbox, freeing-up your car for your daily life.

Be sure to visit our showroom for a firsthand introduction to these amazing and unique vehicle camping units.

Nestbox Roamer

Nestbox Roamer is our largest camper car assembly which contains the main drawer with space for a cooker, fridge, and water.

Nestbox Hiker

Even the smaller Nestbox car assembly is full-fledged and offers space for a cooker, fridge, and water.

Nestbox Supertramp

Car assembly for off-road vehicles makes camping possible even in the most extreme conditions.

Nestbox Camper

Our smallest car assembly for MPVs and smaller cars can handle everything that the bigger ones can. Suprises with a lot of interesting details

Nestbox Tramp

Introducing Nestbox Tramp. The ever-growing series of Nestbox products saw the addition of a newcomer, this time a compact variant. It is again slightly smaller and cheaper. Compared to its sister model, Nestbox Camper, the design was simplified and the basic body width was reduced to 95 cm, enabling it to fit into vehicles like the Dacia Duster or Jeep Wrangler.

Earthship Overland Reviews

The knowledge here regarding these unique off grid camper trailers is beyond anywhere else you will find. I could talk with Doug all day about all of the options you can add to these and the adventures he's been on. Highly recommend checking these guys out. Even better if they have a few in stock in their showroom for you to see in person.

Signe M.

Doug and his staff at Earthship Overland were incredible to work with! We bought a trailer that was sight unseen and many states away and really, truly enjoyed the entire process thanks to Doug. Very prompt with replies, honest and upfront and downright lovely to chat with, you really couldn't ask for more. Would not hesitate to work with again! Thanks so much Doug!

Kristen L.

I ordered a Goose Gear rear seat delete system for my Tacoma through Earthship Overland and couldn't be more pleased with the level of service I received. I was provided accurate lead times and and kept updated throughout the entire process. Doug is a great guy and I enjoyed chatting with him when I stopped in to both place and pick up my order. I would not hesitate to recommend, or do business again, with Earthship Overland.

Don M.

We went in last Friday and met with the owner Doug. He explained the trailers he sells and all the extras you can add. Very personal service! We are finalizing all our decisions now. Can't wait to get our new trailer!! Camping will not be the same in 2020! Doug also told us he can order us any Jeep parts. So between fixing up our Jeep and this new trailer we are going to be the envy of all our camping friends! We know where to send them, Earthship Overland. Thanks Doug for all your help!

Cindy S.

We've been working with Doug for the last month and he has gone above and beyond our expectations. He has a great deal of knowledge and experience on overland trailers and equipment. I highly recommend Earthship Overland.

Mark D.

I was really impressed with the showroom these guys have. Seriously felt like a kid in a Candy store. Doug was really knowledgeable about the Altitude XT50 campers I came in to see. What impressed me the most was that he wasn't rushing or impatient which is what you come to expect pretty much anywhere sales are being done. I would definitely recommend this dealer to anyone wanting a personable fun experience. My kids were running around being pretty noisy and I didn't feel like it bothered anyone except for me... lol. I think we spent over an hour asking questions and it helped me out a lot because now my wife likes the camper a lot more! Let's just put it this way. The soft touch approach really helped me because my wife felt comfortable asking a lot of questions. This made her way more comfortable with the product!

Eric W.

We couldn't be happier that we shopped at Earthship Overland. We were in the marked for an offroad teardrop camper that would work for adventures with two adults, a kid, and a dog. Luckily, we found Doug and Charles at Earthship and they introduced us to the High Altitude Trailer Company XT-50. We love this trailer! The bunk option really made it work for our family and we have taken it all over this great state. It has expanded our ability to enjoy the outdoors together. While I can't say enough about the product, I really want to highlight the customer service at Earthship and High Altitude. Any little issue we have had has been resolved quickly and they have been a wealth of friendly knowledge for safe, fun adventures.

Bobby T

Earthship Overland is fantastic! Doug and the team really go above and beyond to insure you leave with the highest quality product available. We were sold on the first visit and had an excellent experience throughout the build. I felt very well taken care of and appreciated the communication during the build. I was well educated on the functionality of the camper's features before we left, but more importantly, the questions I had while on a 5 week trip were answered quickly and with perfect details and descriptions. I highly recommend EO and hope you enjoy your new camper as much as we have.

Michael Bianchi

Since the first time I walked into Earthship Overland, I have had a blast. Working with Doug to get just the right camper setup was fun and educational. Doug was always more than willing to help out with any questions and never pushed me into anything I didn't want or need. If anything, he would let me know if something was a worthwhile investment or not. Buying a trailer from Doug is like buying a trailer from your favorite camping partner. Don't hesitate to give Earthship Overland a try!

Tommy Cardenas

My experience at Expedition Overland was nothing short of awesome! Doug was very communicative and kind throughout my ordering process and made the whole thing great. 12/10 would order again! And probably will!

Jay Gearries

The best experience in purchasing a new trailer! I can't recommend Earthship Overland enough when it comes to overland trailer needs! The purchase process was simple and explained thoroughly throughout the entire process. I left feeling super confident and like I had just joined a new family of enthusiasts.

Daniel Goin

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