Egoé Nestbox

We are extremely excited and honored to announce that we’re the first retail distributor in the United States for Egoé Nest, a forward-thinking company based in the Czech Republic, that manufactures exciting and innovative vehicle camper solutions.

Egoé Nest are producers of the Nestbox camper car assembly. Their goal is to make car camping accessible and comfortable for car owners ranging from vans to MPVs.

The Nestbox is the perfect alternative to permanent vehicle modifications, or if you’re just not interested in, or ready for a trailer camper. The Nestbox allows you to convert your daily driver quickly and conveniently into a weekend camper or overlanding adventure vehicle.

When not in use, simply remove and store your Nestbox, freeing-up your car for your daily life.

Be sure to visit our showroom for a firsthand introduction to these amazing and unique vehicle camping units.

Nestbox Roamer

Nestbox Roamer is our largest camper car assembly which contains the main drawer with space for a cooker, fridge, and water.

Nestbox Hiker

Even the smaller Nestbox car assembly is full-fledged and offers space for a cooker, fridge, and water.

Nestbox Supertramp

Car assembly for off-road vehicles makes camping possible even in the most extreme conditions.

Nestbox Camper

Our smallest car assembly for MPVs and smaller cars can handle everything that the bigger ones can. Suprises with a lot of interesting details

Nestbox Tramp

Introducing Nestbox Tramp. The ever-growing series of Nestbox products saw the addition of a newcomer, this time a compact variant. It is again slightly smaller and cheaper. Compared to its sister model, Nestbox Camper, the design was simplified and the basic body width was reduced to 95 cm, enabling it to fit into vehicles like the Dacia Duster or Jeep Wrangler.

Earthship Overland Reviews

The knowledge here regarding these unique off grid camper trailers is beyond anywhere else you will find. I could talk with Doug all day about all of the options you can add to these and the adventures he's been on. Highly recommend checking these guys out. Even better if they have a few in stock in their showroom for you to see in person.

Signe M.

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